A Love Note

Oh flesh
How you greet me
Your movements a benefactor
Delicate and well balanced
Symbiosis of inner and outer worlds
As I contain both

Your perfectly held warrior 3
Roots deep into mother earth
Grounding me

I believed I’d trailed off in the wind
A kite without string
Bounding from thing to thing

I feel you with my skipping heart, lush womb, deep breath,
the pain in my chest and the laugh in my throat

Delicate shoulder
Long neck
Lower back
Calves know how to pirouette

There for me
Again and again
Even when I’ve abused you
Sending me messages
A lover

::: I begin to thank you by remembering

You throw baseballs and carry backpacks
Waltz and run
Carry me to countries

Swim under the water like a siren
Hair floating like electrocuted
Back bends and backflips
Riding onto the sandy shore

Rolled across hard floors
Pounding hard with hands
Turned and turned
The music the music
My beating drum
Wrapped up in tape
Knees clicking
There is nothing there you haven’t witnessed

Oh flesh
How I turn in the mirror - your curves and skin
Draped across bones created by infinity

Upside down in utero
Sweaty workouts in nightclubs
Laughing feet reaching for the sky
Balancing on rooftops
Hovering over the abyss

Hide from the sun yet embrace it the same
A beautiful game

I took a tumble
Burned through the skin
Sharp point inserted
Healed all

I listen

::: Can I thank you at the end of the day?

Hot baths and salts
Oils and lotions
Candle wax and incense
The floor and the touch and the spiral and the swing
A bee seeking honey, a bird while in wing
Winding serpent,
Humpback who sings

Enter the doe house
My flesh is my church my flesh my religion



Photo: Fernanda Suarez on Deviantart @fdasuarez
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