I’m a daredevil
Jumping like a bean heated over the stove of humanity

I love you
Will you join me on the staircase?
It’s full of moist dirt
I’ll sink my face in it and breathe the musky scent of past generations
The deer
The wolf
The giants (all gone now)
I’ll lay back and feel their souls wrapping me in blackness
First my hair
Then my cheeks
Finally my last breath
as I sink below the surface

How beautiful

Like riding in fast cars
old ones - antique
Keep the top down
I want the wind in my hair
Fast miles
Go, go, go
Keep the top down
I’ll scream in the wind
with my hands up
”rollercoaster style”

Oh sunlight!
Cast your vitamin D on me
Yellow beams you’re far away
hitting me just now

Do you know who you touch
This little girl full of light?
Do you know I’m here
Among the many?


Drawing by: DariaAzolina