First thing in the morning

My eyes open Those first blank moments so clean Hold them as long as I can The sun pours in - I close my eyes Stay in the middle space Between dreams and reality The hazy in-between!

The day means a bra and makeup, stepping into heels or shaving my legs Men calling each other pussies Right now my pussy isn’t commoditized She’s rested, returned from the spirit world where she had countless adventures

Lying here I’m not “too much” or overly opinionated I walked alone all night, caring not for attackers or old men telling me to smile I have children or I don’t, it doesn’t matter which

Turn over and hit the snooze button Keep me! The curtains aren’t open, but I hear the birds singing Oh cradle me in this tranquility just a few minutes more Delicious! Ageless, marriage-less, holding no relations

My hair, my intellect, my body - The calls on my time and the checks needing tending The sifting of chaff Grant me this suspension on pillows, and cotton, and cushions It’s coming - the holding, the carrying, the 100 different ways