Intramural Landscapes

Say no
We aren’t an endless well
Be comfortable
with being uncomfortable

Who would we rather dishearten?

So many ways to say no

Unless we are obligated to provide an explanation – this we must discern – flat out no is enough.
We don’t have to apologize for who we are.

No for now.
The future is untold. The future us is awaiting.

No is real.
And pushback is imminent.
We are thoughtful.
This is difficult.
Let it be.

There is always time that isn’t ours.
Think for ourselves.
Our opinions matter and our guts give the score when we override our truth

Un-ravel and re-educate

Ride our life
Do the work
It’s ours to own

Don’t swallow the nut of chaos
Dictation no more
Acceptance can be embarrassing
Forgive ourselves
Move towards our knowing

The cozy comfort of anger – the sweet relinquishment of responsibility
That blanket isn’t us

We’ve let it slide
Meet ourselves now

Oh the backlash and complaining
The no time, the overwhelm, the flitting about
The sweet stealing and commiserating of our similar woes

Take guard and have courage
Our ease is HARD WON
The storm’s worth of rocks raining down, we dodge on the mountain
Who wants us to?
We celebrate the time, the rest, the creativity, the self-hood

Give and allow
Produce and inspire
Do the work
Be an idea




Image: Aegis-Illustration on DeviantArt