Pinkie poems

Stinger, Pain, Dreams, Ultimatum, Same

I never saw you but your poison was clear
“Don’t get too close; don’t step on me, you interloper
Just because I’m small
Just because I’m not evident to you
You’ll see.”

The wind was blowing, helicopter wings
Pain is your friend, my friend
Pain reminds you that you weren’t present were you?
Focus now boo

I belong in the milk water
Gills receding
I blink at the light
Rain down the drain

Get out of my head
If you’re not going to manifest true
Then I have nothing for you

I’m a seal
I’m a whale
Sea lion and dolphin

I’m Otter and Narwhal
Orca and Bear

I’m Walrus I’m Manatee
I’m Crab and I’m Krill

I’m Stingray, I’m Squid
I’m Shark and I’m Skate
Fangtooth, Triggerfish
Octopus, Gull

The Kelp and the Ray
And the Jellyfish too
Everything you can and can’t see
Sea Anenome