The Call

We are so sensitive
The Sensitive Girls

Childlike is a quality
Wondering hard at the world
This body I own stirring with energy electric

I’ve always sought and wondered at adventure
Exciting! (but it’s dangerous)
scary (But that’s life!)

Everyday is a travel brand new
Expanding brain and body relaxing (Remember!?)

Safety is a powerful feeling
But be discerning
Society wants you wrapped up in its petty desires

Courageous Sensitive Girl
You can laugh at how hilarious it all is
Because we’re not at the beginning of this story…

If you’re thinking when you’re talking, remember your thoughts are biodegradable

I’m calling you up, the Auntie, Goddess, Sorceress
You’ve purified the water
Tended the garden
And saved the seeds
For so long

In this time of extraction you’re the teachers of how to be human


I say reboot the system
Unstick this misguided communication because misogyny is up for Dinosaur Extinction

Hear ye, Hear ye
We officially deny being “source” of this weakness
Not your rib
Or temptation
Nor virgins
Or villain
What a kick from being a commodity

It’s no secret this world feared the covens and circles
Our witchy brew whispering through the vines diminished

Reframe / Re-stake

We’ve cast the circle
And “approve this message”
Her time is come
Matriarchal wisdom sprung