The Healing

Release history & open

Selfish if you don’t have children

Shame for reading romance novels

Get pregnant, Get left, it’s what happens

Be careful or it’ll be awful

Shave, don’t shave, it’s what you have to do

Your face isn’t okay

Crooked, uneven, askew

Walk this way, not that way, but this way, okay

An affair to remember, penalized if you stray

Spend money on you? Get clearance, get guided

Deliberately unsure if you’re worthy confided

Your hunger, your wrinkles are too much to take

The moans and the groans and the years of heartache

You’re the boss and I’m not

I resent it a lot

Bubble born and borne

Bear it alone

Terrified shelter

Distrusting bestowed

Elephants running

Stick jumping

Toothpicks winning

These comparison games

At one point

Your heart melts

It’s fire, it’s runny

You’re scooping your insides

And it ain’t cute honey

You struggle and push through the muck with no luck

The flailing the searching, the seeking, it sucks

Then one day you’re leaning, the wall is your shield

Given up, looking up, no way to be healed

The books, and the classes, the gurus, the healers

The yoga, the therapy, the diets, the kneelers

What you find is yourself

Intuition is true

You’re amazed to believe in all that you do

You’ve learned over time and gathered the bits

Put in the time now you’ll reap benefits

Heal yourself

Don’t say nothing

You’re beautiful…What?

There’s no moving back

You have dreams to pursue

Keep going forward

You’ve so much to do!

Spend money

Drink wine


Eat time

Drive faster

Kill fearing

Be alone

You’re who’s steering

They’re crushed without you

But who’s splitting who?

You’re on your own side

Days wasted are through

Be open

Be pleasure

Be confidence true

Be sensual

Be giving

Be passionate too

Be frisky

Be fun

Be gentle


Be Deep

Be Different

Who’s up for new things



A wolf with great wings