The Scolded Ones

They came for the Ones
It’s our business They said it’s our business

The Ones kept saying
“We know how we feel!
We know what we’re like!
You mustn’t forbid or outlaw us”

They said
“Ones you won’t sit
You slip off your chairs
You dance and you scream and you flirt and you sex
It’s unacceptable, reprehensible”

Ones can’t comply
It’s passed down the ages
The gifts they provide is a healing

They fought the Ones
They pushed and corralled and damaged and beat them
Clipping their wings and their feet

One’s strength is quite great
Vitality strong
Can rebuild again and again
Like Womb taught

So the Ones one by one escaped to their down down
Locked the moon door keys in hands
Breathing through their skin

Do not cry for the Ones
Their message is strong and progressing
In water and soil and seeding
In love in laughter in heartbreak and needing

One’s trust the flick flickering sign that will come
Again and again as it always has done
One’s thrive in below as above
Dark soup draining
For their ascending





Photo: Kaebobee on DeviantArt