Working on my Heart

Fling your watch off
You don’t need to know steps when you’re flying
Everyday mornings are a miracle when you face the sun
Ritual begins, allow yourself, linger in the veil

I want nothing more than everything from you
For myself - more

I can run through a desert with a hot red dress, train carrying the ruddy canyon floor
Shake bones and rattle over a burning fire, sparks to the sky
catching stars creating nighttime

I’m part wolf
Emerge naked from the belly of a crater crashed from a moon somewhere
Body moving like water, undulating with the waves, determining my next flow

Let’s take off our shoes
Stomp the ground, hug dancing in circles
Slither through bogs - fly above mossy treetops

Enter the party, slip off our shells
Dropping to the floor, thudding creates bombshell portals
I languish over you
Legs entwine with mine
Sweet kisses and warm breath

Deer have all the secrets
Quietly tiptoe, black eyes soft - reflective
Look in the eyes of a deer
See them mirror yourself
That’s why people kill them
They see the rot within

I witness kills on the road
A moment for the soul that was lost
What was thrown in the trash against shattered glass

I’m working on my heart
I’m working on my heart
I’m working on my heart




Image: Sylvia Ritter